Mercury Cards

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    Mercury offers issuers a wide variety of prepaid cards that cardholders can use for various purposes. Mercury provides flexibility in prepaid product design, with open and closed-loop and reloadable and non-reloadable options. With our wide-ranging prepaid products, you can give your cardholders a convenient means of handling cash. They can support various forms of payments like shopping, salary credit, gifting, charity or travelling. Mercury also offers a range of loyalty solutions to support prepaid card programs.

    WPS Salary Cards

    WPS is a scheme introduced by the government of the UAE to help streamline wage payments made to blue collar employees. As a Mercury issuing partner; you can make these cards available to any organization that is interested in participating in WPS. These cards effectively eliminate the need for a bank account, making it easy to access funds directly. The WPS cards can be used across a range of ATMs and POS terminals within the UAE and comes with various add-on options.

    Loyalty Cards

    Mercury offers loyalty solutions to its issuing partners from banks to retail merchants. You have the option of offering closed-loop or open-loop, reloadable or non-reloadable loyalty cards to your customers through the Mercury platform. Existing loyalty programs can be enhanced by widening the loyalty and payment features of the card, thereby improving customer stickiness and also boosting sales. Mercury’s loyalty solutions allow you to provide customers with a range of loyalty options including instant discounts, ‘earn and burn’ at Retail POS and cashback.

    Gift Cards

    Your customers will never run out of gifting ideas with a Mercury Gift Card. Mercury Gift Card is an ideal way for your customers to gift their loved ones. They can preload the card with a desired amount and use them as a gift. Customers have the convenience of choosing from reloadable and non-reloadable gift cards.

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    Debit cards are one of the fastest growing segments in the industry and customers are increasingly using debit cards for various purposes. Mercury debit cards are safe and secure, helping your customers to have access to a large number of ATMs merchant outlets across the UAE. Through a strategic partnership with Discover, Mercury provides acceptance at more than 31 million merchants and 1.5 million ATMs in 185 countries across the globe. Debit cards offer quick payments at checkout counters as compared to cash transactions; adding convenience and control.

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    With Mercury credit cards, you can offer your customers an easy, flexible and secure way to make payments. Mercury supports a number of credit card functionalities that issuers can offer their customers. These offerings include instalments, pre authorization, loyalty rewards, global acceptance etc.

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Mercury Contactless

Its Convenient

Mercury offers flexible contactless solutions to its members. Mercury’s M-touch cards make contactless payments a smooth and hassle-free way to pay. Customers just need to tap their Mercury M-touch debit, credit or prepaid cards on a secure reader and the payment is completed instantly.

What’s more? Contactless payments can also be combined with the Mercury mWallet whereby customers can directly pay using their mobile phones.

Its Secure

To provide security at all modes of transaction is our utmost priority.

Transaction Protection: The risk of fraudulent activities is minimal as M-touch cards can be read only within 1-2 inches from a secure reader. Also, a security code is embedded to prevent any kind of unsolicited transaction.

In addition, we conduct real time fraud monitoring that also keeps track of any suspicious activity being undertaken.

Mercury – other services

Mercury e-commerce

We understand the importance of ecommerce to the payments industry. It is growing rapidly around the globe wherein shopping online has become people’s preferred choice. Mercury’s eCommerce functionality enables customers to make payments while shopping online for various goods, entertainment tickets, meal orders, booking air tickets and other services.

Value Added Services

Loyalty Rewards: Mercury offers a loyalty platform for participating members to provide their customers with rewards like instant discounts, points, cashback etc. on Mercury Prepaid, Debit and Credit cards. Issuers can convert the existing loyalty cards to Mercury payment cards by integrating their systems with the Mercury loyalty platform.


The Mercury Advantage

We make payments simple for you with the use of our cutting edge technology, process know-how and experienced personnel. We believe in providing all our associates like our issuers, acquirers, cardholders or merchants a superior value proposition and ensure quality driven delivery of service.

In an ever-changing digital world, security is of utmost importance. Hence, we are at the forefront of using a highly secure EMV chip and pin technology to protect all our transactions. Our cardholders can therefore enjoy safe and convenient payment services.

Mercury offers wide domestic acceptance at POS terminals and ATMs across theUnited Arab Emirates. Mercury is currently accepted at various merchant outlets where your customers shop often.

Moreover, our strategic partnership with Discover Financial Services gives us significant global coverage. This partnership would allow your cardholders to use their card globally at more than 31 million merchant locations and over 1.5 million ATMs. Some of the key markets in this coverage include The Americas, Europe, Russia, India etc.

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We offer an extremely simple and transparent fee structure that is economical and beneficial for you. Also, our rules and regulations are easy to understand and offers complete clarity to best serve our members.

It’s not just our payments; your cardholders can enjoy our value added services like loyalty rewards (discounts, instant earning & burning of points, cashback) and remittance services.

Mercury offers its issuers with a wide range of prepaid, debit and credit cards. Our products can also be easily customized as per your requirements.

Mercury offer 3 variants of prepaid cards: WPS, Loyalty and Gift cards.

Mercury’s M-touch cards are contactless payment cards that can be issued to cardholders. M-touch cards enable cardholders to make quick and easy payments at the checkout counters in stores.

Mercury’s M-select brand allows its merchant members to issue closed loop cards that can be used at select merchant outlets. Merchants can offer these cards to their customers with reloadable or non-reloadable options.


I am a prospective Issuer. What's in it for me?

Mercury is a payment scheme built with local needs in mind. We understand the existing pain points you go through with other international schemes and hence, we are here to offer a feature-rich product at affordable prices. We also offer you ease and convenience by adopting a simple fee structure and easy to understand policies.

Key Benefits

It’s transparent and simple

Mercury believes in keeping a transparent & simple fee structure which will be highly economical and beneficial to you. Our rules and regulations are easy to understand which helps you issue Mercury cards with utmost ease and flexibility.

It's flexible

Mercury understands the local market needs and has the ability to offer customized solutions. Since Mercury is specially tailored for the local market it makes sure the operating rules are accordingly designed.

It offers more value

Mercury offers lower setup and fixed cost as compared to the other international schemes. The transactional and assessment fees are significantly lower making immense commercial sense to you.

It's efficient

With Mercury’s robust technologies, simple processes and experienced personnel; we ensure that the business and operation processes run smoothly.

It will help you increase profitability

Mercury offers lower fee structure giving you more value. This helps you to target new customer segments which in turn lead to incremental revenues.

It offers Value Added Services

Your cardholders can enjoy our value added services like loyalty rewards (discounts, instant earn & burn of points, cashback etc.) and remittance services. These services will help increase your card transactions at the same time building more customer stickiness towards your organization.

I am a prospective Acquirer. What's in it for me?

Mercury understands your needs; hence we offer you lower costs and fee structure. Mercury acceptance will ensure higher card transaction volume arising out of spends from new customer segments.

Key Benefits

It provides new customer segments

Partnering with Mercury as an acquirer will open up new customer segments which would lead to higher volumes. It will help you sign new merchants as well.

Low incremental investment

Mercury cards will be accepted at the existing installed POS terminals at the merchant outlets. The investment needed in order to enable acceptance at POS would be very low.

It offers more value

Mercury offers lower setup and fixed cost as compared to the other international schemes. The transactional fees are considerably lower making more commercial sense to you.

I am a cardholder. Whats in it for me?

Mercury promises to offer you an easy, convenient and secure method of making payments at millions of acceptanceterminals in 185 countries.

Key Benefits

It's easily available

Our partner banking institutions make it convenient for you to avail Mercury prepaid, debit or credit cards across the UAE. Prepaid cards may also be available for cardholders at merchant outlets depending upon the existing card type.

It's secure

We possess high-end, state-of-the-art technology which enables us to process transactions safely and speedily. The EMV chip and pin technology makes sure all your transactions are safe and secure.

It's widely accepted

Mercury offers wide domestic acceptance at POS terminals and ATMs across the United Arab Emirates. Mercury is presently accepted at various merchant outlets where you shop often.

Moreover, our strategic partnership with Discover Financial Services gives us significant global coverage. This partnership would allow you to use this card globally at more than 31 million merchant locations and over 1.5 million ATMs. Some of the key markets in this coverage include The Americas, Europe, Russia, India etc.

It offers Value Added Services

You can enjoy our value added services like loyalty rewards (discounts, instant earn & burn of points, cashback etc.) and our remittance services which will make it easy for you to send money to your loved ones anywhere across the globe.


Merchant Solutions

We make it simple for you to receive payments and simpler for your customers to pay you. This gives rise to a whole new segment of customers which in turn helps you make profits.

Here’s how you can benefit from Mercury:

Partnering with Mercury as a merchant will open up new customer segments. Accepting Mercury cards will help you achieve higher sales volume and have a progressive impact on your profitability.

Mercury is cost effective and affordable as it offers lower fee structure compared to the other international schemes. This makes it economically feasible for issuers to open new segment of customers and thereby increasing your customer base.

We realize the trust you have built with your clients. We are, therefore, committed to working with you in order to protect your customer by offering a highly secure payment mode.

We use EMV Chip and PIN based technology for card transactions that protects the cardholder’s information ensuring complete security.

As we are a domestic scheme we manage complete control of cardholders’ information and its security. We ensure that customer data related to Mercury card transactions will reside within the governing walls of the UAE.

We understand the importance of loyalty in your business. Hence, we offer loyalty solutions that cater to your needs. No matter which industry you operate in; Mercury’s powerful loyalty programmes will benefit your business.

You can offer your customers with loyalty rewards like discounts, instant earn & burn of points at POS, cashback etc. You can also opt for our loyalty gift cards solution that can be provided with open loop or closed loop, reloadable or non-reloadable options.

Our integrated network connects you - the merchant, our cardholders and the financial institutions directly without the involvement of any third party agent; ensuring secure, safe and timely payment transactions.

Explained below is a representation of the complete transaction process:

Key participants in the transaction flow:

Cardholder: An authorized user of a Mercury card.

Issuer: A financial institution or a corporate entity that issues Mercury cards to end customers.

Merchant: An entity that provides goods and services to customers and accepts Mercury card.

Acquirer: A financial institution that helps merchants process Mercury card payments from customers.

Mercury: A domestic payment scheme that connects issuers and acquirers to facilitate transaction process.

You can offer your own payments solution with the help of Mercury’s wide range of prepaid cards. The Mercury M-select prepaid cards come with an option of closed loop or open loop, reloadable or non-reloadable gift cards.

The M-Select cards can be used only at select merchant outlets.

Keeping in mind the industry you belong to; we design our products that meet your needs. You can also incorporate your brand identity on the prepaid cards.

Worrying about a tedious set-up process?

We will help you design and implement Mercury by providing the following benefits:

  • Set-up conducted at existing POS terminal
  • Manage redemptions & top-ups on terminals, in real-time
  • Determine validity, limit, one-time or reusable card terms
  • Manage redemptions & top-ups on terminals, in real-time
  • Allow prepaid card usage across numerous retailers & locations
  • Upgrade prepaid cards to a loyalty programme solution seamlessly


About Us

Mercury is the Middle East’s first domestic payment scheme. Our vision is to offer innovative and locally relevant payments solution at affordable prices. Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, we enable member institutions to issue cards under the Mercury brand that function securely at large number of ATMs and merchant outlets across the UAE. Mercury connects consumers, banks, the government entities and businesses to facilitate payments in the region.
Mercury also understands the significance of global acceptance today. Therefore, Mercury has partnered with Discover network that further partners with leading payment schemes like RuPay in India, JCB in Japan, Elo in Brazil, DINA Card in Serbia, Union Pay in China and BC Card in Korea amongst others.
This partnership will enable acceptance at more than 42 million merchant locations and over 1.5 million ATMs in 185 countries.


To be a leading payment scheme in the Middle East providing locally relevant, innovative, secure and cost-effective solutions to facilitate a cashless society.


To make payments completely safe, secure and smart for all our stakeholders, using the most advanced technology and expertise of our employees.



We maintain open and transparent decision making upholding the highest standards of integrity in all our actions


We take full accountability for delivering on our commitments at all times


We maintain the highest level of discipline and work as a team to cater to all our partners – consumers, merchants, acquirers, governments and the community


We treat each individual with high regard, appreciation and courtesy. We value our employees and encourage their development at various stages


We work towards improving our products and services, supporting continuous growth and improvement in the broader financial industry


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